A New Chapter…

If you’re anything like me, there are occasions where you go back and look at where you once were… You wonder where your friend and acquaintances ended up…

Well, I ended up busy with every-day, hum-drum life trying to wrangle children, a husband, and pets into walking straight or learning to fly.

So much for dreams of travelling the world taking photos of musicians and living a nomad’s life. ‘Course, that was never my lot in life anyway. Don’t let the nostalgia I’m expressing be confused with unhappiness or being unfulfilled. It’s quite the contrary in my household.

That said, I intend to re-post some of the old along with my own personal new. Never you mind that you really don’t need to know what my family had for dinner last night. I promise you that it’s interesting… to us. :)

Enjoy the trip down memory lane… I hope you all, those who knew me way back when, are still rocking the house down, making music, and entertaining people… even if it’s just your 4 year old who just spilled milk on the brand new sofa.

Formerly devoted to Local Area Bands